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但原來如果小朋友細個個時唔小心睇到父母做愛, 而又未得到好好解釋, 就會對佢哋有


三歲之後, 小朋友開始對性同性別等等有概念, 同開始建立有關價值。佢哋可能會覺得

自己做錯咗或怪自己”打擾”咗父母。如果小朋友個時太細個, 未必會對佢哋有即時影響

, 但大咗可能會諗返起個畫面。嗱!大家都知小朋友學嘢學得幾快伽啦。佢哋亦都可能對

性有負面印象, 覺得性係令人羞恥或者係感到自責內疚嘅事。家長係性教育中係好重要

伽, 其實家長可以好自然咁同小朋友講佢哋做緊D咩, 依一件係一回咩嘅事。

想知多D可以睇下The Prize and The Price by Lelissa Stegen and Mikki van Zyl


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Have you ever bump into other’s loving moment? Lol

But it can cause negative influence on kids if they see their parents having

sex if parents do not explain their behaviors afterwards.

Kids after 3 years old start building various sexual concepts and attitudes.

They may think that they did wrong and blame themselves for “distributing

their parents”. They may not understand the behavior at that moment but

they would easily recall the scenario. Oh Well. We all know how easily kids

learn stuffs by seeing. It also leads to the negative attitudes towards sex such

as shame and guilt when they grow up. Parents are super important in shaping

children’s sexual attitude. Parents can simply tell their children that they do this

because of love and it is a private act.

Know more @ The Prize and The Price by Lelissa Stegen and Mikki van Zyl


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