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你們的秘密 – 是可以說出來的

你們的秘密 – 是可以說出來的 我們在網上收集了你們的秘密。大家都有秘密, 能分享, 也是種福氣呢! //我有時會幻想同男友sex但係又未有心理準備將第一次奉獻比佢// //Actually dated three girls at the same time and have sex with them in morning afternoon and night respectively// 男Male(22歲) //我好鍾意一個lecturer,佢大我好多年,但我有幻想過同佢發生性行為。// //我在小二已經les過了//女,愛男,總之仲讀緊書 未考dse //when i was a kid,i always touch nipple n my pussy,i felt so high ...and i know i shouldn't touch that...n i know i need a man to fuck me ...want it so badly ....but i was just 9 or 10 age.. i was thought im freak ,my friends they never talk about sex,like they never have the sexual i felt embarrassed so much....// Female女 (19歲) 看到其他人的秘密時, 你能抱著一個不批判的心態去了解嗎? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 糖不甩討論區有性治療師同義工答你問題! 識揀, 一定揀糖不甩

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