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大家好,我是來自新加坡的Crystal,目前在耶魯-國大學院(Yale-NUS College) 讀書。本周初我正式成為糖不甩第一位學生實習!這實習是我校和益啟慈善(看看他們的網站:暑期事業體驗計劃的一部分。在糖不甩,我幫忙不同的東西:翻譯網上文章、開設Twitter和youtube(大家之後要多多留意呢!)。接下來,讓我分享我在糖不甩工作最喜歡的三點…

1. 同事們工作熱情。在糖不甩的人員和志願者都喜歡他們的工作,對工作一片熱忱。他們也相信糖不甩能改善香港的性教育

2. 人人都友好和非常包容。我雖然是個外國人(廣東話也幾乎聽不懂)但我從來沒感到排除在外。這點我非常感謝 J小姐的支持和幫助。

3. 具有創造意識。糖不甩面對一個大難題:如何打造一個開放、正面和安全的平台讓年青人討論及多了解性相關的問題?況且,我們在人手、時間和資金方面都資源有限。因此糖不甩的解決方案都很有創意,對新的想法和意見都很接受。即使我只是個實習生,也感到自己正在做些實質的貢獻呢!

如果你想更加了解我的實習經驗或有其他疑問,可以留言跟我聊天呢 :)


附:雖然學了幾年,我的中文還不是很好。如果你讀的懂英文,請你看我寫的英文版吧! :p

Hi everyone! I'm Crystal from Singapore:) I'm currently an undergraduate at Yale-NUS College and I just completed my first year of study. Earlier this week, I started my internship with Sticky Rice Love. This internship is part of a summer program with a social enterprise called Philanthropy in Motion (check them out here: Let me tell you three things about working at Sticky Rice Love that I love most .

1. Passionate. The people in Sticky Rice Love *love* what they are doing and they do it well. After all, it is passion that keeps you going when it is 1am in the morning and you have a grant proposal to finish.

2. Friendly and inclusive. Despite being a foreigner who hardly knows Cantonese, I have never felt excluded from the Sticky Rice Love family. Julia and the others make me feel very welcome here, and I truly appreciate it.

3. Flexible and creative. The last thing I like about working in Sticky Rice Love is all the creative energy in the organization. Sticky Rice Love is not only very receptive to ideas, it also has a flexible internal structure. This means that I - an intern - am able to contribute to the community in a tangible way.

If you would like to know more about my internship experience at Sticky Rice Love, or living as an expat in Hong Kong, or anything else at all, feel free to comment and we can continue the conversation then:)

Thank you for reading and have a great day!


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