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GOOOOOD Secrets 呈獻【鹽夏】 -- 鹹鹹地撻著鹽花夏日

★★ Salty Summer with GOOOOOD Secret Movie ★★ The first-ever X-rated movie gathering is now in the town, organising by GOOOOOD Secrets. Without any clues about which movie you are going to watch, you just need to get ready and sexy for an amazing party and an X-rated movie screening at the never-open-to-public location, the Clear Water Bay Film Studio. Delicacies, craft beers and sparkling, fortune-telling games, music and the secret movie will guarantee your Friday Night Chill. Pick up the exclusive giveaways we prepared for you and win our over HKD2600 Lucky Draw with your luck! 50% of the profit will go to a local NGO "Sticky Rice Love", an online sexual health platform. Movie + Party + Charity, and the missing one is YOU! This is gonna be your most mysteriously exciting yet brand-new cinematic experience! Stay tuned to us at GOOOOOD Secrets page for updates ;) GOOOOOD Secrets 呈獻【鹽夏】 -- 鹹鹹地撻著鹽花夏日 一次對「性」的探索,一次清水灣電影製片廠的歷險之旅,一次無法捉摸的神秘電影體驗--【鹽夏】。 電影不再只是兌現劇情介紹、網上評論的體驗,而是一個難忘的享受。從暖身派對開始,每一個活動,佈景,小細節都將你帶入神秘電影院的世界裏,直到開戲一刻,你和我都是屬於這個鹽夏的一個謎。這次鹽花院線的誕生是因為我們覺得現代人為什麼只敢談談情,卻不能說說性?「性」這個字,我們不知道從何時學會,也不知道為何從一開始就讓人難於啟齒,明明,它就是一種本能。 【鹽夏】就是一個破格的機會,去從不開放公眾的清水灣電影製片廠,摸摸手工啤酒杯底,測測你的面相,玩吓遊戲,跟過百人認認真真地開開心心睇三級片,還有小禮物和大抽獎。說起來,怎麼這個活動一點都不尷尬,反而有點酷! 「是啊,神秘電影院,你沒聽過嗎?」 Stay Cool and Join our Salty Summer! Our fantastic event partners 合作伙伴: MOViE MOViE by bc, amika:, Lomography, Sally's Coco, The Bottle Shop & Okamoto ------------------ Date 日期:25/9/2015 Venue 地點:清水灣電影製片廠 Time 時間: 19:00-Party Starts 派對開始 ; 21:00-Screening Starts 電影播放 Fee 票價: VIP Ticket (+ transportation & 2 Drinks): $250 Advanced Ticket (+ transportation): $180 Basic Ticket: $150 ** Special Discount for getting Ticket D at $150 will be given to either 1) a purchase of 5 tickets or above or 2) student who studies in the local university 優惠待遇:凡一次購買5張或以上,或持有本地大學有效的學生證,即可享9折優惠 ●How to Buy 購票方法: 1.Check out here (and use your promo code), 即去連結(並使用優惠碼): 2. Bank Transfer to HSBC 848-564084-838 and inbox us 銀行轉帳至匯豐銀行 848-564084-838 付款,然後私訊我們。 3. Ticketflap (many payment methods available): ●查詢電話:2774 4738 (洪先生) --------------- Remarks 注意事項: -This event is only opened to those aged 18 and above. Checking of Hong Kong Identity Card before entry will be required. 本活動僅限根據香港法律定義年齡滿18歲之參加者出席,入場前本主辦方有權檢查所有入場人士的身份證。 -The transportation includes the returns of shuttle bus between Hanghau and the Event Venue. -Refund will be made ONLY under BLACK Rainstorm warning, Signal No. 8 or above typhoon warnings.除黑色暴雨警告信號、八號預警及八號或以上熱帶氣旋警告信號,本活動不接受任何退票。 -In case of any dispute, the organizer reserves the right of final decision. 本主辦方有權保留任何最後決定權。

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