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What if we can talk about sex like the way we do with food? The Confucius saying goes “Food and Sex are instinct.” Why Hong Kong people always talk about food but with sex, it seems that it is harder to be discussed than anything.

Hongkongers rank third lowest in sexual satisfaction out of 22 countries or regions across the world (Link: /features/52502/why-is-hong-kongs-libido- so-low.html). While grown-ups are facing various sexual difficulties, teen’s sexual knowledge is concerning. From the survey did by Family Planning Association, among 12 sexual knowledge questions, the mean score of high school boys is only 5.5 and girls is 5.9. Oh well, they all can’t even get a half right. The knowledge regarding contraception is the worst.

Local schools and family are still so reluctant to talk about sex and sex is such a taboo in our society. At the same time, teen wants to know more! So, they search on the web. However, only 6% of students think that information from the internet is trustworthy.

What can we do about this? Sticky Rice Love is going to group all kinds of interesting and educational sexual health information. Our online sex and relationship platform will work hand in hand with different organization to improve Hong Kong sexual health!

Start Talking! Sticky Rice Love will keep providing things you are curious about @ !
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