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​Positive Sexuality Education Teaching Manual

鑑於現今性教育的不足,「關懷愛滋」聯同 Sticky Rice Love 糖不甩網上性健康平台,共同研發這一套具實證基礎及符合青少年需要的性健康教育教材,讓青少年在遇到相關性健康議題時,能夠結合性知識和生活技能,作出負責任及理性的判斷。我們歡迎不同的學校和團體應用這本手冊,令更多青少年能得到合適的性教育。


Due to the lack of sex education, Aids Concern and Sticky Rice Love Online Sexual Health Platform developed this evidence-based and culturally appropriate sexuality education teaching manual. In a hope that when young people encounter related sexual health issues, they can apply knowledge and life skills to make informed and responsible choices. We welcome schools and different parties to apply this manual into their work and let more young people gain the access of sexuality education.

Download the pdf file of the teaching manual
(Only available in Chinese)
Download the CD-Rom Content of the teaching manual (Only available in Chinese)
Press Release Full Version
(Available in Chin & Eng)
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