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Your Guide to Safely Choosing and Cleaning your Sex Toys I

如何選擇及清潔你的性玩具?(下有中文版) Your Guide to Safely Choosing and Cleaning your Sex Toys I Sex toys are a common and exciting way to spice up any sex life! There are a wide variety of toys to choose from that can be used by yourself or with a partner, ranging from whips and chains to vibrators. They come in every imaginable shape, size, color and texture to bring a new level of pleasure to the users. Unfortunately, like many acts of pleasure, using sex toys comes with some health risks, of which all are easily avoidable. This article will guide you through picking and buying the best toys and the easy cleaning necessary after each use. A lack of laws about the materials used in sex toys has led to some companies making toys from toxic materials. PVC plastics with added "phthalates" are used to soften the plastics to give them a move skin-like feel, but the material can be harmful to the human body. When avoiding these PVC toys, it is also important to make sure that it is easy to sanitize the toys. Porous toys that cannot be cleaned can easily spread STIs, including herpes, HIV, and bacterial vaginosis (especially among women using toys with other women). Fortunately, there are easy ways to avoid these problems! When buying your toys AVOID the following, 1. Toys that have a strong chemical smell. 2. "Jelly" toys. These toys will feel gel-like and will usually be very flexible. 3. Clear dildos that are not made of glass.

成人玩具能夠增加生活情趣,更能讓親密時刻昇華至另一層次。坊間有很多種類的情趣用品以供選擇--不同形狀、尺寸、質感,總有一款合你心意。可是在追求快感的同時,使用情趣用品也有數點需要留意:如何選購性玩具?用後又怎能夠徹底清潔? 想進一步瞭解?繼續讀下去吧! 由於現在並沒有法例規管製作成人玩具的物料,部分不良廠商會採用含毒性的塑膠材料,並加入對人體有害的鄰苯二甲酸鹽(phthalates)以營造肌膚般的觸感。 在避免使用上述成人玩具之時,亦要注意當中的衛生問題。情趣用品,尤其有孔的,若清潔不當很大機會傳播性病,如愛滋(HIV)、皰疹(Herpes),與女性共用的話則容易傳染細菌性陰道炎(Bacterial vaginitis)。 幸好,要避免這些問題也有很多方法。只要在選購性玩具時切忌購買: 1) 具濃烈化學氣味的情趣用品 2) 啫喱狀且具彈性的情趣用品 3) 非以玻璃製造的透明假陽具


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